Millard and Muriel Jacobs Genetics and Genomics Laboratory
Sample submission

Detailed information on sample submission procedures and requirements can be found here. Once your sample or library is ready, fill out the sample submission form below (fields marked * are required) and bring your sample(s) to Kerckhoff 108.

If the submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please let us know if you are having problems with the form and which browser you are using.

Completed library: *
if this is a completed library rather than a sample to be made into a library, select 'yes'
Completed library ID:
If this is a completed library and it has been entered into the database, enter library ID, otherwise, enter NA
Contact name: *
Contact e-mail: *
Laboratory: *
Date delivered: *
when the actual sample is submitted
Sample name: *
3 words minimum separated by spaces or underscores (not including your name or date)
Sample concentration: *
Sample volume: *
Species: *
Library type: *
describe library type
Run type: *
What type of run (PE or SR) and what read length should be used for this library? Also specify required sequencing depth (e.g. ~40 million reads) or multiplexing level (e.g. 5 libraries per lane).
Sequencing primer:
If this is a completed library, specify which sequencing primer should be used, e.g. Genomic DNA Sequencing Primer, Small RNA Sequencing Primer, etc.
Sample type: *
ChIP/Input, genomic DNA, total RNA, mRNA, cDNA, small RNA, etc.
DNAse treatment:
for RNA sample, indicate whether the sample was DNAse treated
Fragmentation status: *
Whether the sample has been fragmented already or if the fragmentation needs to be done by us.
Target library size: *
Library size including adaptors. The insert size will be ~120 bp smaller than this size
Additional instructions: